LeNSlab is a Research Lab coordinated by Prof. Carlo Vezzoli is active within the Design department of Politecnico di Milano University since nearly 20 years, working with research and educational activities focused on design for sustainability. Today LeNSlab is regarded, internationally, as one of the major research lab in design for sustainability. An attestation of this is the promotion and coordinator of the international Learning Network of network on Sustainability (LeNSin), a European Union (EU) funded project under the Erasmus+ programme (2015-2019), aimed at the development and the diffusion of design for sustainability discipline in world-wide universities with a multipolar, open and copy left ethos and vision. The project involve as partners 36 Universities form Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, India, China, and in Europe, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland and Italy. This project is a follow up of other 2 EU funded projects: the LeNS – the Learning Network on Sustainability funded by EU under the Asia Link programme (2007-2008) and the LeNSes - the Learning Network on Sustainable energy systems funded by the EU under the Edulink II programme (2013-2016). In fact, as a follow up of those projects the following LeNS affiliated networks of around 145 universities have been launched since 2009: LeNS_Africa, LeNS_Brasil, LeNS_Colombia, LeNS_Argentina, LeNS_Mexico LeNS_Oceania, LeNS China, LeNS India, LeNS Turky, LeNS Iran, LeNS EU german speaking country, LeNS Italy, LeNS France, LeNS Europe, LeNS Peru, LeNS Vietnam.


The LeNSlab consolidates its international good standing also with the continuous participation in international researches with public funding (European Community and United Nation Environmental Programme), the most important being the following: (1998-2000) national coordination of the EU funded research Strategies towards the Sustainable Household; (2001-2004) coordination of design research area of the EU funded research, MEPSS. Product Service Systems Methodology - Development of a toolkit for industry; (2005-2008) coordination of the design research area the EU funded research SCORE! Sustainable Consumption Research Exchanges; (2007-2010) coordination of the EU funded research (Asia Link project) LeNS. The Learning Network on Sustainability. Network for curricula development on Design for Sustainability focused on Product-Service System; (2011-2013) national coordination of the EU funded research, TANGO-Towards a new Intergenerational Openess; (2012-2014) national coordination of the EU funded research Sustainability maker; (2013-2016) coordination of the EU funded research (EduLink programme) LeNSes. The Learning Network on Sustainable energy systems. Multi-polar and open network for curricula and lifelong learning capacity development focused on locally-based Sustainable Energy System Design and Engineering; (2013-2016) coordination of the EU funded research (Erasums+ programme) LeNSin. The international Learning Network of networks on Sustainability. A Multi-polar and open network for curricula and capacity development focused on design for sustainability focused on Sustainable Product-Service Systems (S.PSS) applied to Distributed Economies (DE).


Since 1999 LeNSlab did several consultancies to companies with private funding among which: NECTA vending (vending machine), Dandy Line (electric beds), Illy coffee, GIFCO (professional associations of corrugated cardboard producers), Federlegno (professional associations of furniture producers), Caremi (furniture), Soliani (furniture), Fumagalli (building components), Kone (elevators), Tetra Pak (packaging), Artemide (lightening), General Beverage (vending machine), ASM Brescia company (waste treatement), Kone company (elevators), Terta pack (beverage packaging), Area Tortona lab (exhibitions/events promoter), Bonaveri (mannequins).

LeNS Network

established since 2007, actually counts more than 145 affiliated universities in 16 regional networks and 1 thematic network

 DIS - Design and system Innovation for Sustainability
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