Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products, services and systems

The goal is to identify the critical features of a specific product, or those related to a sector of the market, in order to give it an environmentally sustainable profile. The environmental impact of the product/service/system is determined considering all the processes involved with its entire life cycle. Through a Life Cycle Assessment is possible to trace its environmental footprint and its specific contribution to the environmental effects (global warming, acidification, ozone layer depletion, etc.).

Handbook of guidelines for low environmental impact design

The goal is to provide an operative support tool for environmentally sustainable product / service / system design based upon LCD (Life Cycle Design) strategies. The handbook, containing strategies and guidelines, is a practical guide to help the person who is carrying out the project to generate sustainable ideas. After the analysis of a product/service/system and the identification of its critical features, this useful and strategic tool allows a company to have innovative ideas and organize them in order of priority and effectiveness.

Tools for product/service/system design and assessment for sustainability

The goal is to provide tools and procedures to help companies integrating environmental requirements within their product/service/ system development process. Starting from the analysis of the existing range of products and its critical features it is in fact possible to determine the competences to acquire, the instruments to use and the procedures to follow in order to introduce Life Cycle Design criteria in a company’s portfolio.

Design support for product/service/system development and innovation

The goal is to help companies to design eco- efficient products, services and systems by giving them operative support. The assistance is intended to generate sustainable concepts but, if needed, can cover the whole design process unitil engineering.

Development of sustainable designorienting scenarios

The goal is to propose innovative models of development for companies and market sectors, foreseeing potential future scenarios tha are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. Visions and clusters of potentially sustainable ideas will be suggested, evaluated and explained in detail.

Training courses on design for sustainability

The courses offer constantly up-to-date information for the integration of sustainability requirements in products/service/systems. The goal is to provide competences and a   set of tools specifically designed for the reality where a company operates. The modules cover the themes of product Life Cycle Design, Life Cycle Assessment, System Design for Sustainability.